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Apps That Provide Gas Prices Near Me

Gas Prices Near Me – For every car owner or driver, gas payment is probably one of the biggest expenses you make. There may have been cases whereby you pulled up in a gas station to fill your tank only to look across the street and find out that the other station is selling at a cheaper rate.

Your very first instinct now will be to search “affordable gas prices near me.” Now, that might work, but don’t you think it will be easier if you could log in to an app and get the rate of all the gas stations around you?

Below, we will be listing the best apps to help you find out the gas prices around you.


With over 70 million users, this is the most popular and highly-rated gas app for smartphones. Since the app is crowdsourced, you get first-hand information from actual users. You get real-time prices of over 140,00 gas stations across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. This app doesn’t only show you were you purchase gas; it also helps you save some money.

The platform links your account to their app, and for every purchase you make, you can save up to 5 cents per gallon. Also, first-time users get 15 cents off per gallon. GasBuddy claims its users save up to $340 annually for using their app.

Gas Guru

Gas Guru operates similarly with GasBuddy when it comes to showing low prices, but they get their data from Oil Price Information Service. This implies that their prices are up to date. They also include the last updated price to help you make an informed decision. The app also saves your frequent location, and your search can be filtered by fuel type.

Additionally, you can locate restaurants, ATMs, and repair shops nearby. You could also compare gas prices near your workplace, home, or favorite locations to get the best prices.


The Waze community has over 90 million users, but it doesn’t just tell you the gas prices. Waze also supplies traffic information, including speed trap alerts, accidents, and ambulances. The best part is that it doesn’t need an internet connection. Users love Waze because it shows them the best route to get to their preferred gas station.

Also, if you refill at any of their partner gas stations, you get discounts on “Waze-only” deals. Waze shows you which routes help you avoid toll fees, and you could also set speed limit alerts with the app. With this, you get notified whenever you exceed your speed limit.

gas prices near me


This app wasn’t particularly made for finding gas stations near you; it was designed to help drivers understand how their engines work. Therefore, the app makes you a double achiever. Dash was designed to make your vehicle “smart.” You can see your mileage coupled with any issues your engine may be having. Also, it helps you develop a driving habit that consumes less fuel.


Next time you are running low on gas, finding a gas station should be hassle-free. All you need is to download any of the apps and enjoy their teeming benefits.