Jump Start Car Service

Jump Start Car Service Didn’t Work? Here’s What To Do Next

We’ve all been there, and we can’t help but pray that it never happens to us again. We jump in the car, ready to zoom off to work and find out we can’t. The key fits perfectly into the ignition, but after you turn it, your engine sputters pathetically. Perhaps, it doesn’t even make a noise, which is even more daunting.

Did something happen to your car? Is the car battery dead? Perhaps the cables to the battery are connected poorly? There are too many possibilities and very little time to actually figure and sort out the problem.

Among the things on your priority list, having to deal with a car that won’t start wasn’t among your priorities.

In such an instance, our first instinct is to call the Jump start car service and have them jump-start the car for you. Why not? It’s worked every other time. However, this time jumps starting your car doesn’t work and you find yourself in a bit of a bind.

The fact that the Jump start car service couldn’t help doesn’t mean that they are unqualified. It simply means that the car has other issues that may have nothing to do with a dead battery or poor cable connections to the battery. For instance, it may mean that your battery is old and needs to be replaced.

So what should you do if the Jump start car service couldn’t help you out? Below are the following things that you should do.

Call For A Tow

If the Jump start car service cannot start your car, then there’s another problem beneath the hood of the car. Start by checking the timing belt and inspect it for any damages. Also, check to see is the pistons have resistance as they move up and down. If the pistons display little to no resistance and the timing belt is damaged, call a tow truck.

Also, if you notice that the ignition cables and/or switch are faulty, don’t bother trying to crank the engine. Call for tow services immediately so as to receive professional guidance and help.

Check The Cable Connections To The Battery

The noises the car makes while trying to start it can help in identifying the real problem. Hence, it is always important to learn what every sound might mean. For instance, if you notice that your car keeps making a clicking sound, then you have a weak battery.

This problem can easily be fixed by a Jump start car service. However, if jump-starting the car doesn’t help, then it probably means that your car battery is fine. In such an instance, always check the cable connections to the battery or the starter.

Replace The Fuse

If you notice that your car engine keeps cranking but won’t start every time you turn the ignition, it could mean a number of things. One common problem is a blown fuse. If you check under the hood and notice a broken metal strip, then you have a fuse problem.

Simply replace the fuse, since most cars come with spare fuses. If you do not know where the fuse box is located, be sure to check the manual.

Call A Service

You may need to call for a service if your car keeps making a cranking noise but won’t start. As mentioned above, it could mean that you have a fuse problem. However, it could also mean that you’re out of gas. If so, you can quickly call a service to bring you some fuel.

Cycle The Key On And Off Repeatedly

While turning the ignition, be sure to listen to the noise your car is making. If the engine seems to be making a grinding noise, this could mean that you have a problem with your flywheel. More specifically, you’re probably dealing with a flywheel that has broken teeth.

You can still get your car to start by turning the key on and off at least four times. Keep cycling the key until the car starts and drive straight to a car repair shop.

Switch The Gear To Neutral

As previously mentioned, the sound the car makes as you try to start it is always an indicator of the underlying problem. The same remains true when and if the car does not make any noise. If this happens, check to see if the dashboard lights come on.

Jump Start Car Service

If they do, it may mean that you have one of two problems. The first problem could be that the switch that is usually on the side transmission is faulty while in the park position. The other possibility is that your car is not in park. To fix the problem, simply place it in neutral.

If the above doesn’t work, then try pushing the backpedal.

Clear The Fuel Out

If the above options do not work, consider removing the fuel out of the combustion chamber. This is particularly common if you have a carbureted engine. Having an old car also increases the chances of this happening.

While pressing down the gas pedal, crank the engine. This helps remove the fuel from the combustion chamber. After doing this for a while, try starting your car and see if the engine will fire up.

In conclusion, whenever our cars fail to start, our first reaction is to call the Jump start car service. After all, it’s almost always the most effective solution, However, calling the Jump start car service doesn’t always work.

The above recommendations will come in handy when jump-starting your car fails. Also, be sure to learn what the different sounds your car makes mean. It will make fixing the problem that much easier.