Tow A Truck


As far as questions go, this is one that will leave some cracking their brains. Figure getting stuck on the highway in the middle of a journey and needing help from a tow truck. Only this time, you’re at a loss deciding which end to strap your car from. Or should it matter? While you’re thinking of the answer, you should remember that it takes more than just basics to tow a car.

Towing can be a tiring activity because it rarely happens. As a result, it leaves us all the more unprepared for problems. To that extent, this article will help you make the right choices should you or a fellow road user, need it.

Tow from the front

Going by most car designs, it’s obvious you have to tow your car from the front. You’ll find that there are hooks or recessed hooks on the front of your vehicle often covered by plastics. To access it is important during towing. This is because you wouldn’t want straps or chains attached to the wrong areas. It includes your axel, bumper and other metal parts down under.

Ensure that your car is well strapped before a tow. Don’t twist the straps and wear down the material. This will put you and other road users in danger. You must lock the end of the other strap before any pull. And it’s obvious that both cars should be manned unless the car being towed is off all fours.


Don’t attach a strap or rope to anything that’s not solid steel and anything that’s on the car. A few tugs to test the strength of the strap is probably a good idea. You should also avoid getting too fast too soon or not at all. Any sudden stops can also break the strap.

To tow a car, the driver has to give warning signs and signals before any maneuvers or step on the brake in good time. Engage corners, bridges and sharp bends at a slow pace.

Turning at a wider angle will ensure the tow car doesn’t cut across traffic or mount curbs.

As you’re being towed, the wheels and brakes feel different. You may ask why? It’s because they are power-assisted by the engine. You can turn the wheel and step on the brake pedal to match the car in front. It will take a little longer to get used to it though. Never engage the handbrake and have the car on the neutral gear. Stay fixated on the tow car right in front of you. Do your best to coordinate every movement. It’s a great way to stay safe. Lastly, ensure you follow all the rules and regulations it takes to tow a car. They include the allowed length of tow strap (4.5m), the kind of tow car/truck appropriate, the rope/strap and so much. Also, the tow driver must be qualified. Both cars must also have their lights in the dark.